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25 Jul 2017

Streamline Your Payment Collection Process


Givergy understands how important it is for charities to collect money both timely and accurately after an auction closes. As part of our ongoing aim to provide the best payment collection service in the industry, you will be delighted to know that we have launched a new tool for our online auctions that will change the way charities collect money.

We now offer pre-authorisation of credit cards to streamline the payment collection process. Payment is taken immediately from winning bidders when the auction closes, which means you no longer need to chase guests for payment which also eliminates fraudulent bids. 

How does it work?

When a guest first registers to use your custom online auction, whether in advance or at a live event, we check if we have their credit card details securely stored already. If we do, then the user is able to go ahead and bid in the auction. However, if we have no record then we ask the guest to enter their credit card details and take a $0 transaction to ensure that the card is valid.

This means that when the auction closes, the winning bidder's card will automatically be charged and all of the money will then be transferred to the charity’s bank account using our Stripe Connect service.

Not only does this mean you no longer have to chase for payment, but you will also receive the money into your account faster and have full visibility on the status of the payment collection through our Event Management System (EMS).


We now offer our customers in the United States the additional option to pre-swipe a guest’s credit card when they arrive at a live event so that when the auction closes we can automatically collect the money from winning bidders. 

How does it work?

You now have the ability to request a guest’s credit card when they arrive at an event or when they first make a bid on an item. At the event registration desk you can ask the guest to swipe their credit card in which we will take a $0 transaction to ensure that the card is valid. This is easily done using our new bespoke check-in app that we have built for our tablet bidding system.


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