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30 Nov 2017

The 12 Tips Of Christmas My Givergy Account Manager Gave To Me

Hosting a fundraising event can be one of most lucrative activities your charity executes when looking to raise more for your cause. With Christmas just around the corner, capitalising on the season of increased generosity can go a long way when looking to hit your fundraising goals.

As it’s the season of giving, we would like to give you the gift of 12 tips to ensure your next fundraising event is a success.

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1) Communicate and delegate 

It’s easy to let the planning of your fundraising event consume you, it’s likely you’ll be pulled in many directions on the night of the event, which is why it is paramount to keep your team and/or volunteers in the picture from the beginning. Communicate your goals and how you plan on achieving them effectively with the support of others, and your event will be a huge success.

2) Run an online auction before your fundraising event

The lead up to your event is the perfect opportunity to launch a custom online auction. You can showcase your auction items and engage those who may not be able to attend. This is a great a way to get the bidding going prior to the event which will also give you an indication of the items that will need pushing during the evening.

3) Choose the best venue for your concept and demographic

Try and source a venue that matches the demographic and theme of your event. If you’re inviting young professionals, then a quirky venue in central London like The Brewery can help you sell tickets. On the other hand, a venue like Battersea Evolution is extremely versatile and dynamic, enabling you to easily implement your theme.

4) Incorporate immersive theatre to bring your cause to life

It’s important to make sure that your guests don’t experience fundraising fatigue. Immersive theatre can help you reinvigorate your guests interest, enabling you to bring your cause to life, thus raising you more! Find out more by requesting a recording of our recent webinar.

5) Create the perfect balance of items and experiences at your event

It’s vital that you create the perfect balance of auction items as it can have a huge impact on the amount you raise. Study the demographic of your guests, and use this data to help you decide if you need to source additional auction items to appeal to your audience. 

6) Supplement your fundraising with smart phone bidding

Mobile fundraising can be utilised in almost every fundraising situation! Mobile bidding technology is a cost-effective way to create greater engagement at your event, giving guests the ability to bid at any point during the event can dramatically increase the amount raised. Ensure your venue has phone reception and/or Wi-Fi and watch the bidding happen!

7) Use an MC/Auctioneer to drive up bidding

Raise more by using an MC who can create hype, excitement, and competitiveness, all of which are crucial to tactfully highlighting the importance of meeting the fundraising objectives set out for the event. Whether you are seeking to appoint the right person for the role, or coach your current MC, it’s vital they understand the importance of the role they play in raising more.

8) Implement a ‘pledge moment’ to drive donations 

With the right MC or Auctioneer, and technology, targets will become more attainable. Challenge your guests to achieve a goal within a given timeframe, create competition between tables, or give them an incentive to donate to your cause! Check out our tips on how to create a record breaking fund-a-need moment!

 9) Use emotive video content to increase donations 

Social media can attract a younger audience that might be different to your usual demographic. Known as the ‘giving generation’, this audience is twice as likely to be influenced by social media than any other age group.  Use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to interact and educate your followers directly, promote your online auction website, and bring your charity to life. Create video content to portray an emotional message to pull at the heart strings and drive up additional bidding, pledging, and engagement with your event.

The phrase ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ rings true, but video content amplifies this philosophy, allowing you to include so much more information in a quick and easy way for people to digest. Implementing music into the background of a video is an effective way to get the tone and feel across without so many words, and can make content more moving and memorable. Use this video at a key moment during the event drive up donations!

10) Streamline your payment collection process to increase engagement

Offer pre-authorisation of credit cards to streamline the payment collection process of your silent auction. If payment is taken immediately from winning bidders when the auction closes, you no longer need to chase guests for payment, which not only means you immediately benefit from the money raised, but also eliminates any fraudulent bids.

11) Post event communication

You’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into the planning of your fundraising event and have successfully executed everything on the night! Now it’s time to start thinking about thanking your guests and further nurturing the relationship. Use your social media channels to engage guests and donors after the event and shout about how the money raised will make a substantial difference. You could also consider keeping your custom online auction website open for a few days after the event has ended, to engage the donors that were unable to attend.

12) Learn, evaluate, and reflect 

If your fundraiser is an annual affair, make sure you reflect and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the event, look at data and see what you can do to improve next time. Ask for feedback from your guests, find out what they liked and what they didn’t!

If you’d like to get in contact with one of our fundraising experts who can help you raise more at your fundraising event, please get in touch!


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