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06 Nov 2016

How Raize The Roof Doubled Their Fundraising Event Target

Raize the Roof is an Australian charity founded by young local Canberrans passionate about improving the lives of children who are in need. Powered by inspiration, innovation and dedication, the Raize the Roof team along with the Canberra community assist local children who are suffering from illness and also children of the world who are orphaned due to disease or circumstance.

Givergy were lucky to support Raize the Roof’s 2016 Gala Ball with our award-winning fundraising technology. The ball was a gathering of Canberrans who are changing the world and supporting kids in need. Amongst the glitz and glamour was a host of inspiring speakers, uplifting performances and of course, impactful fundraising.

We spoke to Raize the Roof’s dedicated volunteer and director of Pop Media Bonnie Montgomery on how and why the event was such a huge fundraising success.

1) How often do you hold fundraising events?

We were holding gala dinners once a year, but had a break for the last two years before holding this year’s enchanted gala ball.

2) How successful was the event?

This was Raize the Roof's most successful event to date, we raised over $45,000. It was a jaw dropping result!

3) What is your top tip to hosting a successful fundraising event?

It’s always wise to have a wide variety of auction items to cater for your audience, this includes experiences, memorabilia, exclusive items as well as cheaper and expensive options for guests. It’s worth tapping into third parties to source these if you are unable to provide the variety.

4) How important was it to have Givergy’s award winning fundraising technology as part of the event?

It was the main difference between us raising $25,000 and $45,000. It meant that guests had a professional experience in bidding and receiving their items, as well as paying for them. It ensured that everyone could see bids in real time through the screens in the room without leaving their seats. The technology created a competitive atmosphere within the room, that’s exactly what you want at a fundraising event!

5) What advice can you give to other fundraising event organisers to maximise their efforts?

Ensure that guests are aware of the auction items available before the event. We achieved this through a direct newsletter. Also make sure the bidding is fun for guests, it shouldn’t feel like a chore.

It was an absolute pleasure supporting this life changing cause. We thrive on helping our charity partners raise as much as possible whether at events or online. If you’d like to learn more about our fundraising technology or our exclusive auction items, please contact us.


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