Is Your Digital Fundraising Activity Ready For Voice Search?

17 Jan 2018

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod? It doesn’t take a genius to know voice search has finally announced itself on the big stage and has been active for over a year in households across the globe. This begs the question, is your fundraising activity ready for voice search? Have you implemented voice search in your fundraising campaign or integrated it in any shape or form throughout your ...

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A Day In The Life Of A Givergy Event Manager

16 Jan 2018

Givergy Event Managers are part of Givergy Live, our network of experienced event staff who thrive on the pressure and excitement of helping to deliver a live event and are dedicated to raising money for great causes. The work of a Givergy Event Manager begins days before the event, when they are selected to work at one of the multitude of Givergy events for our charity partners.  The events ...

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10 Incredible Fundraising Statistics From 2017

11 Jan 2018

With 2017 at a close we’ve pulled together 10 interesting stats on donor behaviour, which will help you elevate your 2018 strategy. Pensioners are donating online, domain names can increase donations and positive story-telling can help you raise more.

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5 Fundraising Tips For Religious Organisations

09 Jan 2018

Religious organisations heavily rely on donations to keep their places of worship and ceremonies open to the public. As society shifts from cash to contactless with 15% of people in the UK no longer carrying cash at all, organisations need to think of alternative ways to collect funds and adapt to the digital age.  

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5 Predictions To Help You Get Ahead Of The Fundraising Game In 2018

04 Jan 2018

2018 is in full swing and we’re excited for what the year ahead holds for the third sector. We’ve consulted 5 fundraising experts to get their professional opinion on the trends, opportunities, and hurdles they think the third sector will face in the next 12 months. No doubt these predictions will inspire you to shake up your fundraising strategy!                                                ...

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02 Jan 2018 our online fundraising platform has had a great year, with amazing prizes up for grabs, international coverage in major publications and a wealth of new donors who have found an exciting new way to donate to a good cause. 

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How Pledging And Silent Auctions Make The Perfect Pair

27 Dec 2017

Hosting a fundraising event? Most orgnisations or individuals we partner with, understand the importance of including a silent auction in their event. However, we have found that often people overlook the live pledging component and how it can impact the total amount raised. Some charities feel like they have to make a choice between an event with pledging donations or a silent auction, when ...

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Case Study - Queen's Hall Art

22 Dec 2017

Queen's Hall Arts wanted to fundraise to support children who are losing or have lost a loved one. The charity launched the campaign ART with HEART, to auction off pieces of art alongside their gallery exhibition. The had never conducted an online auction before but chose to use Givergy to try to increase funds raised by reaching a wider audience outside of the exhibition.

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Top 5 Auction items And Experiences Raising More In The US

18 Dec 2017

Hosting a fundraising auction can be an efficient way of hitting your fundraising goals and raising more for your cause. After supporting 1,500 causes with silent auction technology in the last year, we understand that often the hardest part of making sure your fundraising auction is a success, is getting your hands on exclusive auction items that will entice your guests to bid. 

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3 Ways Your Celebrity Ambassador Can Help You Fundraise

12 Dec 2017

Using celebrity ambassadors as part of a PR strategy is a tried and tested way of raising more and increasing awareness for your cause. There are numerous ways you can use their reach, popularity and network to your advantage. However, there are many factors to consider before finalising the strategy.

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