Case Study - Queen's Hall Art

22 Dec 2017

Queen's Hall Arts wanted to fundraise to support children who are losing or have lost a loved one. The charity launched the campaign ART with HEART, to auction off pieces of art alongside their gallery exhibition. The had never conducted an online auction before but chose to use Givergy to try to increase funds raised by reaching a wider audience outside of the exhibition.

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Top 5 Auction items And Experiences Raising More In The US

18 Dec 2017

Hosting a fundraising auction can be an efficient way of hitting your fundraising goals and raising more for your cause. After supporting 1,500 causes with silent auction technology in the last year, we understand that often the hardest part of making sure your fundraising auction is a success, is getting your hands on exclusive auction items that will entice your guests to bid. 

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3 Ways Your Celebrity Ambassador Can Help You Fundraise

12 Dec 2017

Using celebrity ambassadors as part of a PR strategy is a tried and tested way of raising more and increasing awareness for your cause. There are numerous ways you can use their reach, popularity and network to your advantage. However, there are many factors to consider before finalising the strategy.

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3 Tips To Make Your Christmas Carol Fundraiser A Roaring Success

12 Dec 2017

Whatever your budget, there are a number of easy ways to make your Christmas carol concert a roaring success; whether you’re looking to spread awareness of your cause, raise some extra funds or simply spread a little Christmas cheer!

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Givergy's Take On The Ever-Changing Fundraising Landscape In Australia

04 Dec 2017

Givergy Australia’s Head of Business Development, Will Carrick, has given a first-hand account of his experience within the rapidly evolving fundraising industry in Australia. Will has worked for Givergy for 18 months and has helped over 90 causes maximise their fundraising efforts through bidding technology. Having built strong relationships with non-profits and industry bodies, his ...

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Cost Effective Ways To Increase Donations At Your Next Fundraising Event!

01 Dec 2017

Learn how to significantly increase donations at your next fundraising event. With the combination of creating a competitive environment and feeding the correct data to your MC or auctioneer, you'll set yourself up to achieve your fundraising target.

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#GivingFoodDay For #GivingTuesday

28 Nov 2017

#GivingTuesday is the biggest day of giving worldwide, with companies and individuals raising funds or donating their time. Arriving in the UK in 2014, just 2 years later it broke the World Record for the most money raised online for charity in 24 hours! It’s the UK’s #1 Twitter trend, running in over 70 countries including the US, Canada, Russia, Germany, Australia and Brazil, with 1 in 10 ...

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Double Your Facebook Charitable Giving This #GivingTuesday

22 Nov 2017

Did you know you now can collect donations direct from Facebook? While this function isn’t necessarily new, rumour has it that many charities still haven’t yet utilized this feature, which makes it easier than ever for supporters to give without leaving Facebook.

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3 Ways To Get Your Donors To Give Back This Thanksgiving

17 Nov 2017

For many, Thanksgiving is not just a time for celebration, but a day where Americans reflect on how fortunate they are and give thanks. People are much more generous around the holidays, as 34% of all charitable giving is done in the last three months of the yearAsk your donors to give thanks, by supporting your cause in an alternative way:

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Are You Ready For The BBC Children in Need Appeal?

16 Nov 2017

The iconic Children in Need initiative started on Christmas Day in 1972 in the format of a five-minute radio broadcast. The response was jaw dropping, and the money raised was split between 4 children’s charities.

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