Givergy Auction Items Raising More During The 2018 World Cup

29 Jun 2018

One of the world’s most iconic events, The World Cup, is well underway and it’s been thrilling to watch so far! Millions of people across the globe have tuned in to watch, celebrate and indulge.

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Find out how ‘The Children’s Hospital at Westmead’ fundraised a record breaking amount!

22 Jun 2018

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead is part of The Sydney Children’s Network. It’s the largest network of hospital and services for children in Australia. Each year their services manage 51,000 inpatient admission and over one million outpatient service visits.

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5 Things every Fundraising Planner Should Know

15 Jun 2018

Organising a fundraising event is no easy feat, even when you have resources and years of experience under your belt, running into road blocks is inevitable.

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How To Run An Online Auction before Your Fundraising Event

08 Jun 2018

A great way to increase revenue for your upcoming fundraising event is to create a pre-event online auction site.

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5 London Venues That Provide More Than Just The Venue

25 May 2018

Due to the competitive nature of fundraising events, it’s now important than ever for a venue to provide more than just the event space itself. Having multiple parts of the event planning process provided by the venue, can be an effective way of streamlining your event by removing the need to outsource multiple elements. Having these elements provided as part of a centralised package will go a ...

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How Mobile Fundraising Technology Can Help Nonprofits Fundraise

25 May 2018

The fundraising space is crowded therefore standing out from the crowd can be challenging. With so many organizations trying to fundraise at events, how can you shake things up to increase donations and guest satisfaction? Mobile fundraising technology could be the answer!

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How Third-Party Auction Items Will Unlock Spending Potential

11 May 2018

It goes without saying that hosting a fundraising event is a big investment. There are also many risks and unknowns involved, specifically the pressure of guaranteeing the auction items will sell to enable you to achieve your fundraising target. Ensuring you deliver ROI to compensate the event costs can make the pressure even more overwhelming.

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6 Questions To Ask When Planning Your Next School Fundraising Event

27 Apr 2018

We understand that school fundraising can be tricky! Like any other fundraising event, schools undoubtedly have hurdles to overcome in order for their event to be a success. However, after supporting hundreds of school fundraising events across the globe, we stumbled across a few qualities and assets that schools naturally retain, giving them an advantage when it comes to fundraising. Make ...

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Will An Auction Or Prize Draw Raise More?

26 Apr 2018

Are you running an online campaign, but can't decide whether to run an auction or prize draw? Both can work very well, but depend completely on the nature of the prize and the demographic of your target audience. We'll talk you through the benefits of each so you can make an informed (and profitable!) decision.

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5 Auction Items And Experiences Raising More In Australia

19 Apr 2018

Are you hosting a fundraising event?  Are you looking to create a custom online auction to raise those vital funds for your cause? Givergy’s auction item team are here to help! [Insert Superman theme tune!]

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