5 Auction Items And Experiences Raising More In Australia

19 Apr 2018

Are you hosting a fundraising event?  Are you looking to create a custom online auction to raise those vital funds for your cause? Givergy’s auction item team are here to help! [Insert Superman theme tune!]

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Tips To Start Planning An Online Corporate Fundraising Campaign

16 Apr 2018

Are you a corporate looking to kick-start a CSR fundraising initiative? Are you pushed for time, budget and resources? You can set up a quick, easy and successful campaign by following these simple best practice tips:

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Why Should Corporations Fundraise?

13 Apr 2018

Fundraising may not add to a company’s margins, however a CSR initiative can benefit your business in a number of ways. Having a fundraising or corporate social responsibility initiative can actually improve financial performance, brand image and employee engagement.

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How To Ensure Pledge Drive Success At Your Non-profit Spring Fundraising Gala

12 Apr 2018

A fundraising gala is undoubtedly one of biggest dates in the calendar for any non-profit, often raising substantial amounts of money, and helping fund their cause enormously. As we start to come out of the cold winter months, and move closer to the crisp season of spring, time is already ticking to start planning your spring fundraising gala.

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Turn Unwanted Hospitality Tickets, Gifts & Merchandise Into A Corporate Fundraising Strategy!

06 Apr 2018

One of the biggest obstacles for corporation's looking to fundraise is obtaining prizes to sell. Whilst they need to raise funds for their corporate social responsibility policy, they also don’t want to spend large sums of money purchasing luxury holidays and designer jewellery. However, utilising unwanted hospitality tickets, gifts and merchandise to fundraise has huge potential if promoted ...

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5 Marketing Steps To Success For Fundraisers

05 Apr 2018

Whether you're posting on social media, creating a fundraising appeal video or simply writing a blog there are 5 simple steps to success. These steps will ensure you maximise each piece of content you produce to enable you to increase awareness, attract new supporters and ultimately attain new donors.

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Fundraising Inspiration From Tree Of Hope

29 Mar 2018

Fundraising doesn’t always have to be a huge task. It is not always about big events, balls, fetes, fun days or extreme challenges – it’s easy to get your supporters to start fundraising from the comfort of their own home with friends, family and neighbours getting involved too!

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Help Your Marathon Runners Meet Their Fundraising Goals

29 Mar 2018

Marathon season is fast approaching and some of your runners might be a long way off from reaching their fundraising goals. It can be hard for first-time runners, as well as those serial runners who take part in events like Tough Mudder on an annual basis, to reach high targets from only asking friends and family for donations.

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3 Top Digital Marketing Tips For Nonprofits 

27 Mar 2018

Last week we attended the highly anticipated B2B Marketing Expo held at ExCeL London! It’s Europe’s biggest marketing event of its kind, attended by some of the worlds most renowned and established marketers. With over 700 exhibitors, 500 seminars and 200 interactive masterclasses from the likes of Google, LinkedIn, ITV, Fujitsu, Sage and many more, it’s safe to say it was an insightful couple ...

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Step Up Your Social Media Strategy To Increase Donations

23 Mar 2018

Being an internet user now means being a social networker, with 98% of digital consumers having social media accounts. Those people spend an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes per day scrolling through news feeds and using messaging applications, so it's now more important than ever, that fundraisers are sharing the right content, at the right time. Having a solid strategy and using scheduling ...

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