5 Exciting Auction Items And Experiences Raising More At London Events!

12 Apr 2019

There is no doubt that sourcing auction items that appeal to your particular guest demographic can be tricky. Luckily, our auction item specialists are on hand to advise you on which auction items will generate funds for your cause! For some inspiration, here are 5 Givergy auction items helping to raise more for a range of charities across London.

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4 Ways To Use Social Media For Smarter Fundraising

02 Apr 2019

Social media can be a great platform for fundraising. However, simply using social media isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be able to raise the money you need. If you want to increase your donation revenue and meet your fundraising goals, social media presence is key... but you have to leverage it the right way.

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8 Ways To Improve Your User Experience To Increase Donations

29 Mar 2019

In order to increase donations through your website not only does it have to look good but potential donors have to enjoy interacting with it. Donating is usually an emotional experience, so how do you tell your story succinctly without it interfering with user experience?

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5 New Givergy Features That Will Help You Raise More

15 Mar 2019

Organising a successful fundraising event can be the most daunting element of the role for any fundraising professional. However, it doesn’t need to be! We’re excited to share a few features and updates we’ve been busy working on over the last 12 months, all of which have been designed to support you in raising even more for your life changing cause.

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Top 5 Auction Items And Experiences Raising More Across Australia!

07 Mar 2019

Sourcing all the auction items for your next fundraising event is often a daunting and sometimes impossible task for fundraisers. However, our auction item specialists are on hand to advise you on which items from Givergy's range will be most suited to your audience and budget and will give you the best chance of unlocking their full spending potential. Check out our top 5 auction items  ...

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5 Auction Items And Experiences Raising More Across The US!

27 Feb 2019

If you're finding it difficult to source the perfect auction items to wow the guests at your next fundraising event, you've come to the right place! Whether you’re looking to source your entire collection or to simply enhance your carefully curated collection, we can provide an array of auction items for you to choose from. In the meantime, check out these 5 auction items helping to raise more ...

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Comic Relief's 2019 Prizeathon!

21 Feb 2019

Comic Relief has come a long way since 1985, from enduring partnerships, to record-breaking telethons, to life-changing initiatives and excitingly they’re back once more to make history!

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6 Fundraising Games To Get Guests Giving

15 Feb 2019

Incorporating fundraising games into your event can be a great way to maximise the fundraising potential in the room. There will almost always be generous guests who are willing to make a donation, so why not make it fun by adding an entertainment element to the night that encourages the guests to give.

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Event Data Can Help You Raise More At Your Next Event, Listen To Find Out How!

28 Jan 2019

Here are the topics we cover during the 20 minute webinar:

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Get Creative With Your Auction Technology!

18 Jan 2019

Your strategically selected theme, concept and brand for your event can flow through your auction technology. We will work closely with you to customise the theme colour, panel colours, title, logos and background image so that your technology compliments your event!

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