5 Top Tips That Every Fundraising And Event Specialist Can Apply To Raise More At Events

09 Aug 2019

Hosting a fundraising event can be the pinnacle point of the year for a charity. Sometimes occurring just once every two years, event co-ordinators put blood, sweat, and tears into the extensive planning of each and every element of the evening. It’s crucial that the event runs smoothly to ensure success. 

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Managing Donations in the US: 7 Tips To Prep For Tax Season

02 Aug 2019

Your nonprofit relies on your successful fundraising plans to operate. These fundraisers help provide the cash you need to create effective programming and to spread the word about your organization. Not to mention the fact that it helps to have a little financial cushioning in the bank for your upcoming events or projects!. 

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Revitalise Your Fundraising Event With These Subtle Changes!

26 Jul 2019

In today’s market, creating a charity event that’s unique and stands out can be a challenge, especially with guests who have seen it all before. So how do you keep your event interesting and versatile? Whether you have one gala dinner a year or multiple fundraising events annually, see below some tips and tricks to reinvigorate your event to ensure guests keep coming back for more!

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Top Tips To Make Your Auction Items Stand Out

19 Jul 2019

Many of you have organised, managed and attended fundraising events supporting charities across the globe. Sourcing auction items is an imperative component in raising more for your cause. Promoting the right items and experiences can help form lasting connections between you and your donors as they will begin to associate their amazing experiences through your items with your events and cause.

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Benefits Of Using The Givergy Community!

11 Jul 2019

We know the life of a Fundraising Event Manager doesn’t end at 5pm, it usually goes well into the evening, especially during busy season. We also know there are many of you that fundraise and event plan alongside a full-time job, so it’s essential that you can get a hold of the relevant information far beyond conventional working hours.

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Get Donors Excited With Sealed Bidding!

20 Jun 2019

Sealed bidding can help you combat fundraising fatigue at events and online, but how does it work? Guests will only see the number of bids that have been placed on an item, traditionally the highest bid is revealed. At the end of the auction the donor who submitted the highest bid wins the item. 

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6 Free Ways To Promote Your Charity!

14 Jun 2019

Creating a marketing strategy for your nonprofit can be a daunting and time consuming task, especially if marketing isn't your sole responsibility. The tips below will give you a jump start! Get your charity’s name and message out in the world without having to part with loads of cash. 

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Collecting Winning Bids And Donations Can Be Effortless And Free

24 May 2019

From implementing a payment collection process to collecting money raised at an event, there are so many scenarios and processes to consider when it comes to actually getting the money in the bank.

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Your Fundraising Journey With Givergy

17 May 2019

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the prospect of organising a fundraising event or campaign that will meet your goals and exceed expectations? Givergy can help you strategically maximise your fundraising efforts, both at events and online. Here is a preview of how our premium service could support you in raising more!

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Outdoor Fundraising Events: How To Increase Money Raised

26 Apr 2019

Summer has officially (finally) arrived, which means outdoor fundraising events are being held all over the country! From selling mulligans at golf days, to taking a share of the profits from the bets at a race day, there are some great opportunities to unconventionally maximise your fundraising efforts whilst also entertaining your guests.

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