How To Convert Donors Through Smartphones

16 Sep 2016

Since their debut, smartphones have entirely changed the way we do things. Non-profits have taken full advantage of this tech revolution and are doing an amazing job spreading awareness for their causes thanks to amazing new apps and trending social media channels (take a look at our blogs about social media and trending apps). Smartphones have made donating easier than ever with simple 'tap ...

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Webinar Wrap-Up: Raise More Through Online Auctions And Prize Draws!

08 Sep 2016

Online fundraising is on the rise and offers so much more than traditional direct donation and personal fundraising pages.  Through online auctions and prize draws charities are raising more 365 days a year, capitalising on their ambassadors and donor gifts, while reaching a greater audience worldwide.

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Webinar Wrap Up: Raise More for your Cause by Running your Silent Auction Like a Business

08 Sep 2016

In partnership with our friends at Winspire, we had the pleasure to share our best practice for silent auction events. If you were not able to tune in, don't worry, we've got you covered. Here is the recording.

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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

01 Sep 2016

It’s childhood cancer awareness month and we’re on a mission to help you raise as much as possible for causes that support children and families that have been effected by cancer. Here are 4 ways you can get involved to raise money and awareness!

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5 Social Media Best Practices To Help Engage And Retain The Giving Generation

24 Aug 2016

With over 1,200 charity partners, we’ve had first-hand experience on how social media has a huge impact at any stage of the fundraising cycle. More than ever, donors are turning to social media for validation, information and inspiration!

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How These 7 Trending Apps Will Elevate Your Charity Profile

19 Aug 2016

Marketing has had a drastic evolution over the past century, and while it has made us a lot, lot busier, it is safe to say that it has never been as fun as it is today! Take the example of Madmen - one of the greatest shows of all time. As entertaining as the show is, can you imagine how much more buzzing their office would be today? Online technology has revolutionized the way we market ...

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Do You Want To Be Our Charity Of The Month?

11 Aug 2016

We’re all about giving here at Givergy and our goal is to raise awareness and money for charities, so each month we choose a charity that has held an event with us the month before in the UK as our Charity of the Month. This charity will be given a free lot item which will be auctioned on and all proceeds raised go to their cause!

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05 Aug 2016

From paper bidding to interactive silent auctions, Givergy met with Vancouver fundraising professional Tracey Wade to get her firsthand experience using fundraising technology.

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02 Aug 2016

Former Givergy intern Elouise Jacques took on the role of an Events Coordinator for 12 months before returning back to Bournemouth University to complete her final year in events management.

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How Brexit will impact your fundraising

05 Jul 2016

Data points from the UK200Group show that U.K. charities can expect to lose 217 million British pounds (about $296 million) every year, once Britain separates from EU, according to Britain Stronger in Europe.

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