02 Aug 2016

Former Givergy intern Elouise Jacques took on the role of an Events Coordinator for 12 months before returning back to Bournemouth University to complete her final year in events management.

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How Brexit will impact your fundraising

05 Jul 2016

Data points from the UK200Group show that U.K. charities can expect to lose 217 million British pounds (about $296 million) every year, once Britain separates from EU, according to Britain Stronger in Europe.

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5 fun facts you didn’t know about Givergy

16 Jun 2016

When it comes to Givergy there’s more to us than what meets the eye. In fact, some of the interesting facts below may even raise your eyebrow.  Here are five facts about Givergy that may help you in your quest to raise further essential funds for your amazing cause:

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6 Cost Effective Ways to Raise More Through Your Online Auction

18 May 2016

The recent Blackbaud report announced that while overall charitable giving has increased by 1% in 2015, online charitable giving increased by 6.1%[i]. In this case, it’s safe to say that numbers don’t lie. It’s time to get online!

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Webinar Wrap Up: Choosing the right fundraising technology for your next charity event

09 May 2016

When it comes to hosting a successful fundraising event, ensuring you have all the right elements in place to reach your fundraising targets is paramount. Technology in fact, can be one of the most significant factors to consider. Choosing the right fundraising technology can be a hard decision, as you need to take into account attendee demographics, venue requirements, entertainment and the ...

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Webinar Wrap Up: How to source effective lot items to maximise fundraising efforts

04 May 2016

It’s no secret that sourcing the perfect auction items can be a challenge. Investing time and effort into acquiring your items is vital. After all, it’s one of the most important elements of a fundraising event and can dramatically impact the amount you raise for your incredible cause.

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Overcome the Forecasted Decline in Charitable Giving

03 May 2016

The Atlas of Giving’s report informed (and for most, alarmed) the non-profit industry of a decline in charitable giving for the year 2016. Indeed, year-to-date charitable giving is down by 1.4% from last year’s. With a forecast of $486.92 billion in total giving, we should expect an increase of 1.9% in 2016, a rather shy number compared to the 4.6% increase of 2015.

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Maximise ROI on your fundraising event with these 5 event planning tips

28 Apr 2016

Holding a fundraising event is a big investment, and when done successfully it can have a huge impact on revenue. On that same note, when executed poorly, your fundraising event becomes a missed opportunity to raise a substantial amount more for your incredible cause!

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4 Best Practices For Your Next Fundraising Event!

14 Apr 2016

You and your non-profit work hard all year long to raise awareness and fulfill your mission for your incredible cause. Fundraising is an immense part of your journey and although it is not an easy task, non-profits are mastering it!

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4 Reasons Why Technology Should Be At The Forefront Of Your Fundraising Event

06 Apr 2016

In the last few decades, technology has dramatically revolutionized the way we work, socialize and operate on a day-to-day basis and your fundraising event shouldn’t be an exception!  Chances are, you are already using various forms of technology to create an audience and spread awareness for your incredible cause, and it shouldn’t stop there. What if our innovative fundraising technology ...

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