International Women's Day

08 Mar 2017

In celebration of International Women’s day, Sophia Webster, a kitsch fashion designer, is fundraising for Womankind Worldwide! She recently invited inspiring women from all over the world to join her campaign, by taking the same signature bag to a city or location personal to them to capture a photo in front of their chosen landmark and personalise one of her signature ‘speech bubble’ charms ...

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A Creative Alternative To Individual Fundraising

21 Feb 2017

When it comes to individual fundraising there are some tried and proven methods, everything from online donation pledges to bake sales. But, it’s also no secret that fatigue is all too common with friends and family. There are only so many times you can ask to spare another fiver, especially for individuals who fundraise for multiple events throughout the year, whether it be a marathon or ...

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5 Tips To Maximize Your Pledge Drive At Your Fundraising Event

17 Feb 2017

Hitting a target at a fundraising event is never easy, and sometimes your guests need a little push. However, there is a method to the madness. With the right presentation coupled with the right technology, targets are made far more attainable and even over achievable!

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Givergy Partner with Stripe Connect

13 Feb 2017

New payment system deposits charity funds directly into secure sub-account

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GiveSmart merges UK and Europe event delivery with Givergy

06 Feb 2017

Now working together to provide the very best technology and service

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#SpreadTheLove this Valentine’s & win dinner for 2 at Nobu!

31 Jan 2017

You could win an indulgent evening for 2 at Nobu, where you can feast on black cod with miso, rock shrimp, sushi & sashimi amongst other mouth-watering dishes for you to choose from. With restaurants across the globe, you’ll be sure to find a Nobu near you, or perhaps you’ve got a holiday coming up where you could spend an evening dining in pure luxury!

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7 Personalities That Create The Perfect Seating Plan

19 Jan 2017

Which personalities generate the perfect ‘giving’ energy around the table?  Who are the people that encourage, influence and perhaps even nudge others into donating a substantial figure?

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3 Ways To Make An Impact In 2017

13 Jan 2017

With technology firmly planting its roots into the third sector and millennials becoming the driving force in 2017; it’s hard not to get excited about the direct impact both these elements will have on the fundraising world.

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4 Key Fundraising Trends Predicted For 2017

09 Jan 2017

2017 is officially here and there are big changes anticipated for the year ahead! We’ve consulted our fundraising partners all over the globe to learn more about what they predict will be the biggest fundraising trends, challenges and opportunities to impact charities and nonprofits over the next 12 months.

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5 Seasonal School Fundraising Tips

05 Dec 2016

Fundraising in schools can be an extremely rewarding exercise for children by also providing education as they discover how they make an impact to society. The biggest question can typically be ‘how do I get started?’

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