7 Top Tips To Follow For A Smooth Fundraising Event

24 Apr 2017

Planning and managing a fundraising event can be ‘eventful’ and challenging to say the least. There are numerous moving parts to consider and keep track of, but don’t panic! We have 7 easy to follow tips to not only help you overcome those inevitable fundraising event hurdles, but relieve the stress too!

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Free webinar - How to use data to get the most out of your fundraising event

21 Apr 2017

Join us on April 26th at 1pm EST for a free webinar with our friends at Winspire on how to use data to get the most out of your next fundraising event, presented by industry experts Ian Lauth and Harry Santa-Olalla.

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Get Creative With Your Next Sponsorship Package With Curated Auction Lots

13 Apr 2017

Engaging corporates and major donors to support your fundraising events can be a challenge, and in most cases acquiring sponsors is crucial to the success of the event.

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Red Nose Day - Prize Draw Winners Announced!

27 Mar 2017

Prize draws give the public the chance to win unbelievable, money-can't-buy experiences from just £5 and offer people who don't necessarily have deep pockets a way to make their dreams come true! Entering a prize draw is a fun alternative to making a direct donation to a charity and with such amazing prizes on offer, the charity raises a huge amount of money for their cause! Win-win!

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Red Nose Day

23 Mar 2017

Red Nose Day is all about making the world a better place. It’s simple: raise more and have a great time! Why not host a bake sale, get involved in fancy dress or even host a quiz night? Use activities your family, friends and team enjoy to raise more for this incredible initiative. This year it’s on Friday 24th March and it’s still not too late to get involved!

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6 Questions To Ask Before Planning A School Fundraising Event

23 Mar 2017

School fundraising can be tricky and like any other fundraising event, schools undoubtedly have hurdles to overcome in order for their event to be a success. However, after supporting over 160 school fundraising events across the globe, we stumbled across a few qualities and assets that schools naturally retain, inevitably giving them an advantage when it comes to fundraising. Make sure to ask ...

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International Women's Day

08 Mar 2017

In celebration of International Women’s day, Sophia Webster, a kitsch fashion designer, is fundraising for Womankind Worldwide! She recently invited inspiring women from all over the world to join her campaign, by taking the same signature bag to a city or location personal to them to capture a photo in front of their chosen landmark and personalise one of her signature ‘speech bubble’ charms ...

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A Creative Alternative To Individual Fundraising

21 Feb 2017

When it comes to individual fundraising there are some tried and proven methods, everything from online donation pledges to bake sales. But, it’s also no secret that fatigue is all too common with friends and family. There are only so many times you can ask to spare another fiver, especially for individuals who fundraise for multiple events throughout the year, whether it be a marathon or ...

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5 Tips To Maximize Your Pledge Drive At Your Fundraising Event

17 Feb 2017

Hitting a target at a fundraising event is never easy, and sometimes your guests need a little push. However, there is a method to the madness. With the right presentation coupled with the right technology, targets are made far more attainable and even over achievable!

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Givergy Partner with Stripe Connect

13 Feb 2017

New payment system deposits charity funds directly into secure sub-account

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