Webinar Wrap-Up: Reinvent Your Fundraising Event

05 Sep 2017

It’s important to implement change into you fundraising event especially if you’ve followed the same format for years and seen a decline in funds being raised.

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Hurricane Harvey 2017 – How You Can Help Support The Communities In Need

31 Aug 2017

The charity sector always does a fantastic job of binding together to help communities affected by catastrophic disasters across the globe. Unfortunately, that time has come around again where we need to help those in need. Hurricane Harvey is a category 4 hurricane that has devastated the coastal areas of Texas and has claimed the title of the wettest and most devastating hurricane that the ...

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Canadian Fundraising Interview With Comedian Ted Bisaillion!

25 Aug 2017

As a stand-up comedian by trade, Ted Bisaillion of Tigerman Enterprises often finds himself MC’ing corporate events and tradeshows as well as award ceremonies and charity fundraisers. In July 2017, Ted and Givergy came together at the Shoppers Drug Mart fundraiser in Vancouver to raise funds to advance women’s health, in which Ted hosted.

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Why Third-Party Auction Items Can Help You Raise More At Your Fundraising Event

14 Aug 2017

Charity event organisers generally depend on high-end donated auction items from committee members, major donors or corporate partners in order to raise as much as possible at their charity events.We all know relying on donated auction items comes with multiple risks and stress. However, once you get your hands on a few amazing items, the fundraising result can be outstanding! Not only are you ...

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Givergy Announced As A Charity Times Awards Finalist!

01 Aug 2017

Givergy are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Best Use of Technology Award.

Givergy is an award-winning fundraising technology company which offers a range of cutting edge platforms to help charities raise more at fundraising events and online. With offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Sydney, Givergy’s ambition and ...

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It's Now Easier Than Ever For Your Guests To Redeem Their Auction Item

25 Jul 2017

We know how imperative it is to your fundraising initiatives that you provide an exceptional experience for your donors, whether you’re hosting an event or fundraising online. Specifically, ensuring that the auction items you provide to your donors meet their expectations and that they have an enjoyable experience as a result of their donation. A positive or negative guest experience can leave ...

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How good design work can help your charity raise more

18 Jul 2017

Design is more than creating a few trivial images; in the grand scale of things, design can make or break a whole concept and indirectly communicate the ethos of your business, from the way you look, to the way you present your ideas. As a non-profit, design plays a big part not only in fundraising, but also in our everyday lives. We’ve become oblivious to good design as we’re constantly ...

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Improve Your User Experience To Increase Charity Donations!

26 Jun 2017

Donating to charity is an emotional decision, not a rational one, so charities need to ensure that they fully explain their story on their website, detailing what their cause is and their goal from fundraising. This means there’s going to be a lot of information to digest and as a result websites can be crowded, dense with copy and not so easy to navigate around.

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5 fundraising tips to get you off to a flying start at the International Fundraising Congress in Bangkok!

23 Jun 2017

International Fundraising Conference (IFC) is upon us and we’re so excited to be attending. IFC has brought the fundraising community across the Asia Pacific region together for the very first time! This unique event will encourage networking, education and inspire NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisations) and philanthropists to elevate their fundraising strategy.

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5 Ways To Celebrate Small Charity Week

20 Jun 2017

Small Charity Week, brought to you by The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI), is taking place this week (June 19-24th) to celebrate and raise awareness of the UK’s small charity sector. Furthermore, it’s an action-packed agenda filled with fantastic opportunities for small charities to learn, collaborate and fundraise!

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