5 Popular Auction Items And Experiences Raising More Across The US

15 Nov 2019

Hosting a fundraising auction can be an efficient way of hitting your fundraising goal...if the foundation of your auction is built on phenomenal items and experiences! 

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Payment Collection At Events Can Be Simple!

06 Nov 2019

Collecting payment at your next fundraising event doesn't have to be painful, daunting or tedious. We have three robust payment collection options that will enable you to get the task done efficiently! 

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10 Recommended Fundraising Event Venues In New York!

25 Oct 2019

We have supported over 5,000 fundraising events across the globe and inevitably this has given us access to some of the worlds most incredible venues! Here are 10 tried and tested venues in New York that will not only impress your guests but will set the tone for a successful evening of fundraising! 

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Cost Effectively Increase Donations At Your Next Fundraising Event!

17 Oct 2019

Significantly increase donations at your next fundraising event by creating a competitive environment and feeding real time data to your MC or auctioneer, the combination of these two elements will play a key role in helping you hit your fundraising target! 

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6 Reasons Why Mobile Bidding Should Be A Staple Element In Your Fundraising Campaign!

11 Oct 2019

Giving your supporters the opportunity to participate in an online auction in aid of your incredible cause is a simple way to engage your database and attract new supporters! We have the stats to prove it, on average our bespoke online auctions get 253 bids! We know that fundraisers tend to wear many hats, therefore creating and launching elaborate fundraising campaigns can quickly become a ...

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6 Ways To Include Corporate Giving In Your Fundraising Plan

27 Sep 2019

All too often, nonprofits overlook a source of revenue that comes at no cost to them, corporate giving programs! Corporate giving programs are very valuable to growing nonprofits, because they provide organizations with extra funds to make their mission achievable. Instead of receiving one donation from a supporter, you can double their contribution through their employer.

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5 Popular Auction Items And Experiences Raising More Across Australia

20 Sep 2019

We all know the process of sourcing auction items for a fundraising event can be laborious. So let us do the heavy lifting, we have an entire department committed to sourcing unique items, innovative packages and memorable experiences. Not only will our team talk you through our extensive range but they will let you know which items and experiences will resonate with your specific guest ...

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Using Third Party Auction Item Suppliers

06 Sep 2019

Investing in a third-party auction item supplier can be a daunting prospect and a lot of work. However, on the other hand, you could gain an added team of experts to help you determine which auction items will appeal to your demographic, as well as, providing a higher quantity of exclusive items you couldn't get your hands on.

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7 Unique London Venues That Will Help Set The Fundraising Scene

23 Aug 2019

How can you stand out from the thousands of fundraising events that are being held in London every year? Ensuring you’ve picked a venue that brings your vision to life, sets the fundraising scene and is unique will play an imperative role in helping you sell tickets and impressing donors when they arrive! 

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Increase Participation Through A Prize Draw

16 Aug 2019

Prize draws/raffles are a great way to increase participation across your event! If you choose the right auction item and market it well, a large sum of your money raised could come from the prize draw. 

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