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16 May 2018

Outdoor Fundraising Events: How To Increase Money Raised

Summer has officially (finally) arrived, which means outdoor fundraising events are being held all over the country! From selling mulligans at golf days to taking a share of the profits from the bets at a race day, there are some great opportunities to unconventionally maximise your fundraising efforts.

Outdoor fundraising events can be a great way to encourage your guests to give, especially with the dip in fundraising in summer months for charities.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can maximise fundraising at traditional outdoor fundraising events.

1) Golf day: sell retakes

Golf days are a popular choice with event organisers and for good reason, they’re fairly easy to execute and are enjoyed by the majority of donors. We’ve supported over 40 golf fundraising days in the last year and seen them raise a substantial amount.

An effective way to raise more is by selling mulligans. Guests will be given the opportunity to retake their shot at a price, inevitably this will be a popular option with those who's golf skills are less than desirable.

Golf can take a toll on your guests as it typically requires time, energy and commitment. We suggest that you hold small competitions within the main golf day to keep players motivated. Offering a prize for the closest to the hole gives guests who may not be doing very well something to aim for. The prizes don’t need to be expensive, a bottle of champagne or a bucket full of beers will go down a treat when they come off the golf course. Ultimately, this strategy will go a long way in ensuring guests aren’t left feeling deflated after a long game and look forward to returning to your next golf event.

Sand Bunker

2) Race day: take a share

Race days allow guests to dust off their favourite hats, socialise and absorb the electric energy (and hopefully sunshine) that surrounds the event. We have supported 25 race days in the last 12 months and have seen charities raise a phenomenal amount.

You can benefit by taking a percentage of each bet that is placed, this will encourage guests who are anxious about losing to get involved as the charity will benefit from their bet.

Race days provide the perfect setting for an online silent auction as they will expose your silent auction to a large audience, keep guests interacted and up to date throughout the day with outbid text notifications. By implementing an online auction and working with the racecourse organisers, you can promote the URL of the auction to the entire racecourse via the TV screens and the race program. This also gives the general public the opportunity to bid and pledge via the online auction as well as your main event guests ultimately generating more money and exposure!

Horse Racing

3) Clay pigeon shoot: competition

Clay Pigeon Shooting is a fun day out and when you pair this experience with fundraising you could raise a substantial amount. According to shooting UK, Child Bereavement UK and St. Richard’s Hospice raised £63,000 by a shoot at Bransford Manor in 2017.

Implementing a silent auction is a cost-effective way to maximise money raised throughout the day. Don’t forget to publicise the auction prior to the event on social media to increase reach!

In addition, you could run a ‘wooden spoon’ prize where the lowest scoring guest or team has to donate to the charity to generate extra donations.

If you’re hosting an outdoor fundraising event and would like advice on how to maximise your fundraising efforts, we’d love to hear from you!


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