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09 Jan 2018

5 Fundraising Tips For Religious Organisations

Religious organisations heavily rely on donations to keep their places of worship and ceremonies open to the public. As society shifts from cash to contactless with 15% of people in the UK no longer carrying cash at all, organisations need to think of alternative ways to collect funds and adapt to the digital age.  

Here are 5 different ways to encourage donations. Taking into consideration your target audience and the resources you have at hand will help you choose the right initiative for your organisation.

  1. Create a giving community

Religions are fundamentally about spreading love, doing good and giving back, so it’s not surprising that religious causes usually see double the amount donated compared to a non-religious charity. If you’re teaching your followers to ‘love thy neighbour’ why not educate them with hard-hitting stats of poverty in the area. You could ask your followers to bring in donations like toys, food, hygiene products and warm clothing which could then be distributed to those in need.

  1. Text-to-give

Fundraising technology now makes it even easier for people to donate to your cause. There are a number of apps and services that allow religious services to set up their very own text-to-give service. Once set up, all your supporters need to do is send a text message to the specified phone number to make a donation. Some of these services will allow your supporters to specify how much they wish to give or you can set up fixed amount. If you are going to set up a range of fixed donation amounts, make sure you analyse past data to see which amounts are most commonly given.

These services will ask for an installation fee, subscription or take a percentage of all donations, so make sure to read the terms in detail when considering which option is best for you. Mogiv is a great option to trial, as there is no sign up fee and they only take a commission fee from donations, which means you do not have to pay for the service if it is unsuccessful.

Text to donate.jpg

  1. CSR Initiatives

Many companies now offer to match the donations made by their employees as part of their CSR initiative. Not only should you encourage your followers to check whether the organisations they work for offer such benefits, but you should also reach out to businesses (both local and national) and ask them to support your cause.

  1. Religious Holidays

Hosting an event to raise funds is a nice way to bring your congregation together and encourage a community of giving. Sponsored runs and bake sales are common ways to fundraise, but why not think a little outside the box, by hosting a film screening inside your place of worship (eliminating venue costs), selling entry tickets to raise funds.

Here are 7 easy to set-up fundraising events for any religious organisation:

  • Jumble sale
  • Youth group party
  • Quiz night
  • Choir concert
  • Bake sale
  • Film screening
  • 5k run
  1. Congregate Fundraising

Whilst your organisation has its own fundraising initiatives planned, it’s also a great idea to invite your supporters to do their own fundraising. You’ll have a diverse mix of individuals from bakers, to runners, to CEO’s, who all have a different skillset they can utilise to raise money.

Coinciding your fundraising event with a religious holiday, is guaranteed to bring in bigger donations and always remember to tie your event, back in with your teachings. All religions have stories of wonderful people who gave up their time, money and possessions to help those in need, so let your followers know that they will be continuing the good work.

If you’d like some tips on cost-effective ways to increase donations at your next fundraising event, watch this webinar.


(Statistics from NPT UK & UK Card Association)

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